Primevault:Don't Fall Victim To Scam.Read Before Joining.

 Hello,I am Mela Ignatius

Welcome to my Primevault review. If you have been making queries regarding Primevault investment platform, this post will walk you through to understand how Primevault works,requirements and if its legit or scam.

There are so many Income platform nowadays,that it becomes confusing to know which one is legit.That's why its a smart idea to make reviews before joining.

About Primevault Investment

   Primevault is an investment platform with high ROI (Return On Investment) that has created opportunities for students, fresh graduates,job seekers,bloggers, housewives to use their Facebook timeline to make extra money for themselves.

How It Works

   Primevault is a website which claims to pay you for promoting sponsored contents and products on your social media account e.g Facebook,WhatsApp etc.

Companies and corporate business do an exchange of adverts placement,while the affiliate members share these adverts to their social media page daily and get paid.

Hence,Primevault serves as a middleman between two individuals, the affiliate member and advertisers.

How to make money

  There are basically two ways to make money on Primevault with a yet to be induce Peer to peer system.

You make money by carrying out tasks like creating contents, sharing sponsored contents on social media.

You also make money through referrals.

Primevault subscription packages

   Before you register on Primevault, you have to select a package which you wish to register or subscribe with.There are five major packages

  • 3,000naira (premium) package
  • 5,000naira (gold) package
  • 10,000naira (classic) package
  • 20,000naira (elite) package
  • 50,000naira(king) package

Daily Earnings For Each Package

  • With the 3,000naira (premium) package, you earn 233naira daily.
  • With the 5,000naira (gold) package, you earn 366naira daily.
  • With the 10,000naira (classic) package, you earn 566naira daily.
  • With the 20,000 (elite) package, you earn 1,066naira daily.
  • With the 50,000naira (king) package, you earn 2,500naira daily.

Referral Bonuses Associated With Each Package

  • With the 3,000naira (premium) package, you earn 1000naira per referral.
  • With the 5,000naira (gold) package, you earn 1,200 per referral.
  • With the 10,000naira package,you earn 2,000 per referral.
  • With the 20,000naira package, you earn 3,000naira per referral.
  • With the 50,000naira package, you earn 5,000naira per referral.

Does Primevault Pays Without Referrals?

According to the platform, they claim to pay without referrals.So I would also say Yes.

However, you should not depend on non-referrals since you stand a chance to earn bigger and higher when you refer.

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Primevault Withdrawal

Before you can withdraw on Primevault, you must have crossed the minimum withdrawal threshold,which is 5,000naira.

Both payment are made within 72 hours.

Primevault Registration (Requirements)

For those who wish to register or signup on Primevault, you will need to have access to Primevault coupon vendors and get yourself a coupon code which will be used for registration.


Primevault Review:Scam or Legit

Having investigated and gone through some Primevault review(s),I cannot possibly say Primevault is a scam neither will I say it is legit.However,the platform is currently paying with a high ROI.

Update March 2021

Primevault has stop payment and is no longer safe to join.I strongly recommend you deviate from this ponzi scheme to avoid losing your hard earned money.

Who Is The Founder Of Primevault?

The owner of Primevault is not yet known but the platform has an active customer care service.

Update: The founder of Primevault is Mr.Toafeek who resides in Benue state.Primevault has also given out their official address which is located at No 11.opposite St.Joseph Catholic church Nyongun,Makurdi,Benue state.

Conclusion:Primevault Review

Primevault is an investment platform that pays you when you register with your package of preference and take active participation on their website via the earning system.

The platform pays without referrals and  they claim to be legit.However I cannot assure you of a long run so it up to you.


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