Billion Traderx App Review:Read Before Joining.

 No day goes by without a new platform been launched in Nigeria in order to eradicate poverty and ensure financial stability. We see a lot of platforms launching everyday with their various offers.Making money online can be cool with if the correct strategy is used.

Welcome to my Billion Traderx App review.

      Billion Traderx app has been quite around for a while now.But have you ever check whether its legit or not?Or how it works?Then this review will give you some insight about the platform.

About Billion Traderx App

Billion Traderx app is a crypto syndicate set up solely on bitcore (BTX) cyptocurrency.

This is a investment platform where members get some amount of dividend daily after they have choosen a preferred plan.Billion Traderx operates mainly through their app and investors who are ready to invest have to download the app from playstore.

How Does Billion Traderx App Works?

Billion Traderx App claims to pay members when they download their app from play store and invest with them.You then get your ROI(Return On Investment) after a number of fixed days.

How To Earn On Billion Traderx App

Before anyone can become a fully registered member on billion Traderx app, you will have to go to playstore download the billion Traderx app and then proceed to register.

Unlike other apps and platform which insist you must share a sponsored post gotten from advertisers before you get paid,billion traderx allow you to choose your desired package and invest with them and wait for the fixed to be over and then you can proceed to withdraw your earnings.

Available packages On Billion Traderx App

There are five major package on billion traderx:

  • Emerald stack for $6.5(N3,000)
  • Ruby stack for $10.7(N5,000)
  • Beryl stack for $21.41(N10,000)
  • Onyx stack  for $42.82(N20,000)
  • Sapphire stack for $107.07(N50,000)
Available packages on billion traderx app has been upgraded and the Emerald stack for $6.5(N3000) has been scrapped out.A new package has been added which is the Topaz stack
️ Topaz- $160.59(N75,000) to get N142,500 in 30days [5000btx referral bonus].

ROI(Return On Investment) Associated With Each Package

Emerald stack (N3000) to get N5500

Ruby stack (N5000) to get N9500

Beryl stack (N10000) to get N20000

Onyx stack (N20000) to get N42000

Sapphire stack (N50000) to get N120000

Duration Of Each Package On Billion Traderx App

Emerald stack:Ten (10) days

Ruby stack:Ten (10) days

Beryl stack:Twelve (12) days

Onyx stack:Twenty-six (26) days

Sapphire stack:Twenty-eight (28) days

Referral Bonus Associated With Each Package

Emerald stack:500BTX

Ruby stack:1000BTX

Beryl stack:1500BTX

Onyx stack:2000BTX

Sapphire stack:3000BTX

Billion Traderx Registration

Registering on Billion Traderx is as very simple as ABC.By following the steps below, you can become a registered member on billion traderx app:

  1.   Download the app from google playstore
  2. Fill the form on the app
  3. Login into your account
  4. Fund your account
  5. Invest by choosing your desired plan
Download Billion Traderx App

How To Fund Your Account on Billion Traderx App

Funding of account on Billion Traderx App involves two major ways:

  • By buying through crypto on the site.This process can be somehow stressful as you will not receive the BTX on time.
  • By transferring among members. This is the most adviceable way to fund your account. It is very quick,easy and reliable.


There are a lot of BTX scammers around.They create a BTX group only to scam people. So I will advice you to be careful and make enquiries about a person before payment.

Does Billion Traderx App Pay Without Referrals?

As of the time of writing this review, billion traderx app is paying without referrals. All you have to do is invest and then continue with your normal activities. After the fixed number of days are over,you can proceed to withdraw your earnings.

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Withdrawal Methods On Billion Traderx App

Their are three major ways of withdrawal on Billion Traderx App:

  • By withdrawing directly to your crypto wallet
  • By selling to interested members
  • By withdrawing directly to your bank account
Billion Traderx App Review:Legit Or Scam

Billion Traderx App pays you when you take active participation with them.

As of the time of writing this article, billion traderx app is legit and paying. But no guarantee is given on any investment platform therefore I advice you to invest wisely.


Billion Traderx App is  a scam and no longer paying. I strongly recommend you write off anyone telling you its legit.

Who Is The Founder Of Billion Traderx App

Billion Traderx provide no variable information about who owns or runs the company on its website.

Billion Traderx App was launched on the 1st December 2020

Conclusion:Billion Traderx App Review

Billion Traderx App has so far exceed expectations and are one of the few legit paying platform in Nigeria. The platform gives you a chance to be financially stable and make money online. I hope this review has everything you need to know about Billion Traderx App. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog for more updates.

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