Stop Doing It The Wrong Way.Learn How To Make Money And Get Paid To Change The World.

Hello guys,Welcome to my blog and today I am going to be teaching you the rightful way to make money online.

Have you been wondering how you are gonna make money legitimately and how to keep the money coming in?You have just arrived at the right place.Let's get started.


If you understand this three path, you will never have issues with money.I will do my best to help you understand these three concepts

What right do I have to even speak on this topic??

It's been tay I was broke.E don tay wey I need money.I am not there yet but mehn, I am not where I used to be.Those who know a little about me know that at 17, I was already making six figures.I have a deep understanding of money... to the glory of God!

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So why is money important?

90% of the things we do is connected to money...

I mean, once you are born, you are groomed to grow and make money.You go to primary school, secondary, uni, masters... So that you can a lot of money.For some of us, we wanted medicine, law or those professional courses so that we can get a job easily and make lots of money.You see, the only thing that the Bible equates to the level of God is Money.

You cannot serve two masters; God and Money (Mammon:Covetousness).Money is very important. Lol, do I even need to say that?

If you can, settle the issue of money while you are young..

You will be able to fulfill purpose then. You will be able to help lots of persons then.

You should know that, you can never help the poor by being one of them.

Do all you can to read this article to the end, the principles in this book are sharp, straight to the point and very applicable.



The most important thing to making money is your why.

I cannot emphasize this enough...

Most people are concerned with the how.Oeople come to me and ask me “Mela, how can I make money?"

First, why do you really need to make money?Once you answer your why, the how will be easy.If your why is not strong, no matter the how, you will give up soon..

One of my strong why's is to never beg for money. I hate begging! Argghh...

Another of my why's is to build churches and promote the gospel.

Another is so that I can fulfil purpose.Your why could be to travel around the world.Retire your parents to perpetual enjoyment.Find a strong why. That's your fuel to making money.


There is no such thing as making money from nothing. Unless you want to scam someone Or join PH, GH.

To make money, you have to be exchanging value in the form of a product or a service.

Money is simply a trade by barter. Your client or customer has the money,you have the value. You both exchange it.

I want this to sink.

A business is just an avenue to deliver value through a product or a service.To make money, think of how you can exchange value.

I tell people, if you can offer N1,000 value to 1,000 people, you've made a million naira or offer N2,000 value to 500 people. Another million made.

And then if you take it to 5k. You only need 200 people to give you 5k to make 1 million,100 people give you 10k, you have a million.

Let me stop there.


You cannot become a millionaire with a thousandnaire mindset and habit.

Mindset=Thought pattern.

You can't think poor and expect to be rich. Impossicant!

Habit= Daily doables.

You can't behave poor and expect to be rich. Impossicant!

You wake up any time. You sleep 8-10 hours.

You have watched all the movies on Netflix.

WhatsApp is your day job.

Use your head.

See, getting rich is not a stroll in the park.

You must be willing to put in the first few years of work...

Then you can enjoy.


Not just any kind of skill. Learn a high income skill.Something that can make you from 200k to 500k monthly.Learn Copywriting, Social media management and marketing, freelancing,AI, web development.There are lots of them.

Choose one and become a specialist in it.Don't be a generalist, be a specialist.

If you call Ronaldo, people know it's football,if you call Tiger woods, people know it's golf,if you call Bishop Oyedepo, everyone knows its Ministry,If you call my name, everyone knows I am the Prince of affiliate marketing.

If we call your name now, what do people know you for?

Think about it.

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If you want to make money, use your high income skill to solve high value problems for high paying clients.This is the summary of making good money..

Use your high income skill...

To solve high value problems...

For high paying clients.

I will use copywriting for example...

In Copywriting, one of the best paid branches is writing SEO web content for clients,clients pay as much as $3,000 for this. A friend of mine got a deal for a crypto website, they paid him more than a million naira.

He has a high income skill, he is solving a high value problem for high paying clients (foreigners).

If you want to target people ehn, PLEASE target rich people..

It’s easier to release 100k when a client has 10 million in his account than when he has 200k in his account.

Do business with the rich, when you've made it, help the poor.

The truth is ehn, when you have high paying clients, they don't give you issues like broke clients.


If you want to make money ehn... Forget shame!

You see that called shyness, throw it into the trash can.I've never met a shy multi-millionaire.Remove shame from your face and do better marketing.

The world has no place for shy people.


To make money... Value your time.

Time is the only thing we all have in common.. Rich and poor

What's the value of your 1 hour?

How much is your 1 hour worth?

I always teach people to not only set monthly income goals, but also set DAILY INCOME GOALS.

How much do you want make every day?

To get this amount, divide your monthly goal by 30 days.

Let's say my goal for this month is to make 1 million naira.

Divided by 30 is 33,500. That's how much I need to make every day.

Now, this helps you to think of how you can apply your skill or sell a product that can give you that amount daily.

You may not hit it daily, but it will keep you on track and your actions will keep moving up till you start making it.


To make money... The best investment you can ever make is in yourself.

That's the only investment that can yield a 100-200% return.

I cannot emphasize this enough. You have to be deliberate about your growth.

You have to be intentional about reading financial books.Be deliberate about your growth.

You can steal all the money from my hand but give me one week and I will bounce back

Donald Trump was a billionaire; he went bankrupt but bounced back again.

If you invest in yourself, no one can steal your knowledge from you.

The most important investment you can ever make is in yourself.

Watch YouTube videos..

Watch people like Dan Lok, Tai Lopez, T. Harv Eker, Grant Cordone, Dan Peña...

Their videos and works will push you.

Use your night time well...

You see that Airtel night plan bah, use it to learn..

From 11pm to 2am. 3 hours of videos will make you so outstanding..

Finally on making money..


Action is the bridge between your thoughts and results.

If you don't take action, forget about money..

No matter the fine ideas you have, no action, no result, no money.

Be ready to fail but learn and get back up...




Until you remove the L... And then you EARN.

That will be all on making money.


Keeping or managing your money is the most important skill you need when it comes to money.It is the bridge between making money and investing money.If the bridge is faulty, your wealth destination will never be in view.

The truth is, some people don't have issues with making money. Their major problem is with keeping it.

Why's this?

The easiest thing about money is spending it.No one ever learns how to spend money.Spending money is so easy mehn.

I've never met a man who doesn't like spending money. Brothers have you seen??

Some people think that when they make more money, they will now start keeping it. Not true.


Parkinson's law States that the moment there is an increase in your income,expenses will rise to meet it.

Please read that again..

When income increases, expenses also increase.There is a way money will enter your hand ehn, those your fine clothes you have will start looking faded.It will be doing you somehow in your eyes.

Some of you using android phones now, once money starts entering now,you now want an iPhone.

It's human nature!

But... It will not help you financially.

You must learn to live within a lean budget even with an increase in more money.I am not saying you shouldn't enjoy your life o, but, you must have a percentage of your income for enjoyment.


To keep money... You need to be accountable.See ehn, you are a business entity.

You are the CEO of your life.You need to run your life like a company.If you see yourself in this light, you will value yourself more.

Be accountable!

Do this exercise...

Get a book; let's call it your account book.

Write down every money that comes in and every expense you make for the next 30 days.

I promise you that this one exercise will change your life.Most people won't do it. But if you will... It’s a promise; it will dramatically change your life.

Write everything that comes in and everything that goes out.

Now before you spend, ask yourself, do I really need to buy this?

Can I do without this?

At the end of one month, you will see those things that have been eating your money secretly.

You will see how common biscuit and malt or those small chops have been eating close to 5k from your money or how Mtn has been building an estate on your head from common recharge card and data.

Some of you make money and at the end you are always wondering where your money went to.

This exercise will show you were your money goes into.


Quit buying things to impress people that don't like you

Hey you slay queen... I am talking to you slay daddy.

Stop trying to impress people on social media

You will buy cloth to snap then come back and drink garri.

Hey, don't get me wrong... There's nothing wrong with drinking garri.

Allowing the garri to rise is where I have issues.

Hehe... Let's leave that area..

Dear brother, you make small money and you want to hang out with every babe. Are you a hanger?

Can't you see how much you are spending just to impress a lady?

Use your head o

No be curse o, na advice.

When you understand where your money goes, you will be able to budget properly.


If you want to keep money... Learn to separate money into different accounts.I modified T. Harv Ekers savings plan for myself. This is how I save.

10% of all my earnings goes to my parents

I save 50% into my financial freedom account.

I use 40% for expenses.

Now this is where it gets interesting...

From that 50%, 20% goes into an untouchable savings account. 20% is for investments and 10% is for my growth.

This topic is very broad but I hope that simple illustration helps.

10% of growth is for buying books, seminars and everything that can help me grow.

OK?From my 40% expenses, 10% is for flexing (I love football), I am hoping to join a football club soon.As my 10% gets bigger.

When you budget your money, you can tell someone you are broke but you have money.

You are broke because you didn't include them in your budget.This is one of the reasons our rich uncles seem stingy.

Is not like they don't have money, you are not just in their budget... Sorry!

That will be all on keeping money.

Multiplying Money

So let's talk about multiplying money..

The best investment you can ever make is the investment in yourself.

So first, if you want to multiply money, start by investing so much in yourself.Become a better version of yourself

I found out something profound, people will pay you for becoming a better you.

I mean, you are doing yourself good o, but people will pay you when you become better and best.

Take 10% of every money you make and grow yourself..

Buy books and read.

Whatever your 10% can afford, do it for your growth.


If you want to multiply money, you must learn and understand leverage.

Because we all have a limited number of hours, resources, we all need to leverage.

Leverage is the ability to use other people’s time, resources, intellect and money to our advantage.

Leverage is what leads to passive income. The ability to make money while sleeping.

One of my best quotes is, You don't have any business sleeping if you are not making money while sleeping.

My mentor T. Harv Eker puts it best, You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses.

So, when you think of investing your money, think leverage and passive income.Think of how you can leverage on existing businesses or available resources.

I will give you an example...

When I made six figures at 17, I invested the money into my mum's provision business.

I bought some things she wasn't selling and dropped it in her shop.

I leveraged on her shop.

And I was making passive income... I wasn't working.

The social media is also a powerful leverage for sales.

Look around your environment...

Before you leverage, consider your environment.

What are people buying more?

Where is the traffic going to?

If you have a shoprite around you, can you leverage on that?

If there is a stadium, can you leverage on that?

Where is the crowd going to?

Leverage on where the traffic is moving towards.

Ways of making passive income

What are some ways of making passive income?

1. Businesses working for you.

2. Money working for you.

Rental business is a perfect passive income stream.You have it, people just keep collecting it and returning it while your money keeps growing like grass.

Think of business that can work without your presence.This entails putting your money to work.You see, you have to work hard for your money until your money begins to work hard for you.

Your money has to work hard to take your place.Money working for you can be in the form of shares, government bonds,treasury bills, etc.

But.. The best way to get in is when you have lots of money..

Infact, from 10 million above. 10% of 10 million is 1 million.

But 10% of 1 million is just 100k.

Don’t do any fixed deposit if you don’t have lots of money.

Deposit the small money you have into yourself and fix your life.


Before you go into any investment, learn the ropes very well.

Study about it very well.

I read something about Dangote, I am told he knows the basics of all businesses so well, he discusses it like he's an expert in it.

All his businesses...

He knows them inside out.


Don't invest because your friend is also investing.Don't ever invest in anything that your capital is not secured.

If e bad e bad, you can still remove the money you put in.


Think multiple streams of income.

Don't focus on one source of income, create multiple streams of passive income.

Apart from freelancing on fiverr.

I have an upwork account.

I have Naija clients...

I manage social media accounts..

I sell digital products..

I do digital trainings.

You cannot shut me down in one. I will always make money in the other areas.

 This is not your everyday article, read, take actions and see the results for your self.Don't forget to subscribe to my blog and also drop a comment if this article really motivated you.

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