Goldomc Racksterli Review:Legit Or Scam?Read How It Works

Goldomc Racksterli has emerged as one of the best income programs that have been making headlines in 2021.

Welcome guys,to my Goldomc Racksterli review.Today we are going to do a review on Racksterli to find out if the platform is worth it or not before you join.

About Goldomc Racksterli

Goldomc Racksterli provides people with the opportunity to take advantage of the internet and  turn their everyday social media into a tool for making paassive income.You might think that Goldomc Racksterli is just another kind of income program website but the platform goes beyond that as it deals with investment with high ROI(Return On Investment).You can be earning six figures if you capitalize on this opportunity.

Goldomc Racksterli is aim at eradicating poverty by getting people engaged on their website. Once you register on Goldomc Racksterli, you will have no more insufficient funds and if you are among the lucky people reading this,trust me,this will be one of best opportunities you could ever come across.

Racksterli was created in July 2020

How Goldomc Racksterli Works

Goldomc Racksterli is a website that pays you for promoting content on your social media account.

People,companies and corporate comes to goldomc racksterli for adverts placement and all you need to is to share these adverts to your Facebook timeline daily and get paid.


Due to recent upgrade, Racksterli has officially switched from to

How To Make Money On Goldomc Racksterli

On any income program,there are usually two ways to earn,which is the referral aspect and the non-referral aspect. Goldomc Racksterli ways of earning are quite thesame.On this platform,we racksterli activity earnings and the other which is racksterli referral earnings.

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Goldomc Racksterli Subscription Packages

Before you register on goldomc racksterli, you have to select a package which you want to register or subscribe with.There are five major packages on racksterli;

  • Standard package for 14000 naira (Fourteen thousand naira)
  • Premium package for 28000 naira (Twenty eight thousand naira)
  • Platinum package for 56000 naira (Fifty six thousand naira)
  • Gold package for 112000 naira (One hundred and twelve thousand)
  • Diamond package for 280000 (Two hundred and eighty thousand naira)
All subscription packages runs for one month

ROI(Return on Investment) associated with each package

  • Fourteen thousand naira (14000) to get a return of Twenty one thousand naira (21000)
  • Twenty eight thousand naira (28000) to get a return of Forty four thousand naira (44000)
  • Fifty six thousand naira (56000) to get a return of Eighty eight thousand naira (88000)
  • One hundred and twelve thousand naira (112000) to get a return of One hundred and Seventy seven thousand naira (177000)
  • Two hundred and eighty thousand naira (280000) to get a return of Four hundred and forty four thousand naira (444000)
Referral Bonuses For Each Package
  • Standard package-$3
  • Premium package-$8
  • Platinum package-$10
  • Gold package-$11
  • Diamond package-13
If you are reading this post and you are good at getting  referrals, then I think this is the right platform for you.Referral earnings on goldomc rackaterli comes with bonuses:
        If you are able refer 10 persons to racksterli,you will earn an extra $25.
        When you are able to refer up to 25 persons, you will earn an extra $100.
Here is the most juicy part of racksterli;
         If you can refer 50 persons to the platform within one month, Racksterli will extend your subscription by one more month.
All payments are processed and credited within 12-24hours of request.

Does Goldomc Racksterli Pays Without Referrals?
The platform as of the time of writing this article are paying without referrals and I have confirmed that through research.
But I always recommend that if you are joining any income program, focus more on referring because you earn bigger and faster when you refer people to join a platform.

Goldomc Racksterli Registration
For intending members hoping to register on racksterli,there is only one mode of registration which is the coupon code.You will have to get a coupon code equivalent to the amount you want to invest.

Once you have gotten the coupon code, you can proceed to the site for your registration.You should also take note that multiple accounts are allowed on Racksterli.

As soon as your registration is complete, login to your account and start earning by sharing the sponsored post.

Founder Of Goldomc Racksterli
Goldomc Racksterli is own by Michael Chidiebere who goes by his stage name blackgold on Social Media.

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Goldomc Racksterli Review: Scam or Legit?
As of the time of writing this article,goldomc racksterli is legit and not scam,and it is an amazing opportunity for you to leverage on without wasting much time.
Racksterli also claims to have an office at lekki in Lagos which verifies that racksterli is real and here to stay.

Although there are many income programs out there that promise us the same story,if you are thinking of joining any of them in order to make money online while at home,then I recommend goldomc Racksterli.
But nevertheless, there is always a risk you have to take in any business you want to start,so it is up yo you to decide if to join or not.

Update March 2021
Goldomc Racksterli lacks credibility,so they are no longer trusted or safe to join any longer.I strongly recommend you deviate from this ponzi scheme.
Don't invest your hard earned money on Racksterli.

Conclusion:Goldomc Racksterli Review
Racksterli severs as a means of earning a lot of money with or without referrals. Racksterli are one of the best platforms paying with a high ROI.Join Racksterli today and experience no more Insufficient Funds.
Irrespective of your status, gender or age,you will always benefit from Racksterli.
I hope you see a reason why you need to register for this platform.

Racksterli celebrating 300k members as of March 2021

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