Dessii Media Investment.Legit Or Scam?Read How It Works.

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Welcome to Melabtips where we offer cold truths about investment platforms.Today,we are going to find out if Dessii Media Investment is legit or scam.Dessii media happens to be another income program worthy of recognition of late.I know you must have heard of it.but have you ever care to know how it works?

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About Dessii Media Investment

Dessii Media Investment is an investment platform that promise to pay members 55℅ ROI (Return On Investment) by using the funds to engage in forex,real estate,International trade and different Investment enterprise to generate revenue. The platform pays members for just investing with them.Unlike other platforms like Primevault,Racksterli that pays you only when you perform tasks. Dessii Media pays you when you invest and wait for the number of stipulated days to be over and then you proceed to withdraw your earnings.

How Does Dessii Media Works?

On Dessii Media, there is no daily login wahala.No sharing of sponsored advert of any kind. All you have to do is to invest and wait for the number of stipulated days to be over,you can then proceed to withdraw your earnings.

How To Make Money On Dessii Media Investment

Just like every other income program, Dessii Media has two major ways to earn money on the platform which are the referral earnings and the non-referral earnings.

Dessii Media Investment Packages

ROI(Return On Investment) is no longer a new thing to investors as every platform now pays its members according to their investment packages.On Dessii Media Investment, there is a division of two Investment packages. They have packages that runs for 30days(1month) which are called the simple interest packages and packages that runs for 120days(4months) which are called the compound packages. Below are the simple interest packages on Dessii Media Investment that runs for 30package and their ROI (Return On Investment)

Copper package

Invest:10,000 naira

ROI:15,000 naira

Referral bonus:500 naira

Bronze Package

Invest:20,000 naira

ROI: 31,000 naira

Referral bonus:1,000 naira

Silver Package

Invest:50,000 naira

ROI:77,000 naira

Referral bonus:2,500 naira

Silicon Package

Invest: 100,000 naira

ROI:155,000 naira

Referral bonus:5,000 naira

Gold Package

Invest: 200,000 naira

ROI: 310,000 naira

Referral bonus: 10,000 naira

Diamond Package

Invest:300,000 naira

ROI: 465,000 naira

Referral bonus:15,000 naira

Jewel Package

Invest:500,000 naira

ROI:775,000 naira

Referral bonus: 25,000 naira

Pearl Package

Invest:1,000,000 naira

ROI: 1,550,000 naira

Referral bonus:50,000 naira

Ruby package

Invest:2,000,000 naira

ROI:3,100,000 naira

Referral bonus:75,000 naira

Amber package

Invest:5,000,000 naira

ROI:7,550,000 naira

Referral bonus:100,000 naira

Apart from having the normal investment packages which runs for one month,Dessii Media Investment also have compound packages where you can get paid after 4months.This is where the real investors comes in. Can you (as an investor) run a package on an investment platform to be paid after after four months?As in,do you have the courage to do that?Of course,there is a higher ROI (Return On Investment) for this packages but why should you do that when investment platforms in Nigeria runs for two months and crash?Dessii Media Investment offers you the chance to believe that not all platforms in Nigeria are scam.

Below are the compound packages on Dessii Media Investment

Silicon package

Subscription plan:100,000 naira 

ROI(after 4 months):577,000 naira

Gold package

Subscription plan:200,000 naira

ROI:1,154,000 naira

Jewel Package

Subscription plan:500,000 naira

ROI:2,885,000 naira

Pearl package

Subscription plan: 1,000,000 naira

ROI:5,770,000 naira

Ruby Package

Subscription plan:2,000,000 naira

ROI:11,540,000 naira

Dessii Media Investment Registration

Before you become a member on Dessii Media Investment,you must buy a coupon code equivalent to the amount you want to invest from verified vendors on the site


Only buy coupon code from verified vendors on the site to stay clear of scammers.

Click here to access Dessii Media verified Vendors

You can then proceed to register after you must have gotten your coupon code.

Click here to register on Dessii Media now

Does Dessii Media Investment Pays Without Referrals?

After a thoroughly research, we found out that Dessii Media pays without referrals. That is why the pay little amount to people who refer others to the platform.

Dessii Media Investment withdrawal

Once you have reached your expiry date and you are due for withdrawal, you can proceed to your dashboard and fill the withdrawal form with your correct details.

Activity earnings on Dessii Media are paid once your package expires and you filled the withdrawal form.

While referral earnings are paid daily.

All earnings are processed and paid directly to your local bank within 24-48 hours of request.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dessii Media Investment

Who is the CEO/Founder of Dessii Media Investment?

The CEO Of Dessii Media Investment is a Young Entrepreneur known as Monday Desmond.

Can I withdraw my activity earnings without referrals?

Yes,you can.

When was Dessii Media Investment Launched?

Dessii Media Investment was launched on the 11th of February 2021

How do Dessii Media Investment generate their revenue?

Dessii Media Investment generate their revenue by engaging into forex,real estate, International trade and other backup Investment enterprise.

Is Dessii Media Investment a duly registered business?

The answer is yes with a CAC issues proof below

How can I contact Dessii Media Investment If I have a problem?

Dessii Media Investment has an active customer care and are always ready to attend to you.

You can get in touch with Dessii Media Investment via the following channels

Phone number:+234(0)8168343422


Visit their physical office which they claim is located at mainland,Lagos.

Dessii Media Investment Review: Legit or scam

Having Observed,study and  carry out researches about Dessii Media Investment, We found out that there has been regular payment and all members are receiving their payment when due.But their is no guaranteed of a long run as the website runs only for one year.

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Conclusion:Dessii Media Review

There has been nothing yet to suggest that this platform is scam of have we found any fishy activities on the platform.But we shall follow the platform closely and update this post with any new information that comes up.Subscribe so as to get it as soon aa it arrives.

I hope this review has everything you need to know about Dessii Media Investment.Don't forget to share with your friends.

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