Instaforum Review:Legit Or Scam?Read How It works

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Everyday has become a launch date for different kind of investment platforms in Nigeria as we are in a race to end poverty.Some of this platforms claim to be legit but in the end,they fail to deliver. Some even fail before they started.As that,many investors have come up with a strategy to invest in newly platforms before their inevitable crash.

Welcome to my Instaforum review.If you have been making enquiries regarding Instaforum investment platform, then this post will work you through to understand how Instaforum works,requirements and if it's legit or not.

About Instaforum

Instaforum is a newly launched money making platform that promises to pay its members for carrying out task on the platform based on their subscription plan.It is similar to racksterli and Primevault but whether it will stay like racksterli and Primevault remains to be seen.

According to the platform, Instaforum is a sustainable platform that design not only to help you male legitimately,but also created to be the frontiers of getting grounded with knowledge and resources for your daily affairs,update and social lifestyle.

How Does Instaforum Works?

Instaforum is a platform that claims to pay you when you take active participation on their website by sharing sponsored posts to your Facebook timeline.

How To Make Money On Instaforum

There are two major ways to earn on Instaforum. They include the non-referral (activity) earnings andthe referral earnings.

On the non-referral (activity) earnings, you  are paid for sharing Instaforum sponsored adverts to your social media profile daily.On the referral earnings, you are paid for introducing new members to the platform.

Other means of earning on Instaforum

Another way of earning on Instaforum is by becoming a vendor.You also get paid for being a vendor on Instaforum. This part is different from the two normal earnings mentioned above because you only earn when you sell coupon code.You will earn 300 naira per each coupon code you sell to any prospective member on Instaforum.This simply means that the owners of Instaforum will sell coupon codes to you (the vendor)  at a discount rate of 300naira from the normal price.That is,if you are buying a coupon code of 3000 naira (as a vendor),Instaforum will sell it to you at the rate of 2700 naira and then you are to resell at the rate of 3000nairanaira.

To become a vendor on Instaforum, you will have to buy in bulk fr a minimum of 10pins or more on any desired membership plan.Also,your name will be added to the list of verified distributors on the Instaforum website.

Available Packages On Instaforum

Before you become a fully registered member on Instaforum, youust select one package from the list of available packages on the Instaforum platform to get started. Below are the major available packages on Instaforum

Basic package-3,000 naira

Standard package-5,000 naira

Super package-7,000 naira

Ultra package-10,000 naira

Pro Max package-20,000 naira

Diamond package-50,000 naira

Chairman package-180,000 naira

Breakdown Of Available Instaforum Packages

After selecting a package of your choice to get started with on Instaforum. Below are the ROI(Return On Investment) and daily earnings for each package on Instaforum.

Basic Package

Subscription fee: 3,000 naira

Daily earning for login:50 naira

Daily earnings for sharing sponsored post:183 naira

Total ROI(Return On Investment): 7,000 naira

Referral bonus: 1,000 naira

Standard Package

Subscription fee:5,000 naira

Daily earnings for login on Instaforum: 100 naira

Daily earnings for sharing Instaforum sponsored post: 266 naira

Total ROI: 11,000 naira

Referral bonus: 1,200 naira

Super Package

Subscription fee:7,000 naira

Daily earnings for login on Instaforum: 150 naira

Daily earnings for sharing Instaforum sponsored post: 350 naira

Total ROI:15,000 naira

Referral bonus:1,500 naira

Ultra Package

Subscription fee:10,000 naira

Daily earnings for login on Instaforum: 200 naira

Daily earnings for sharing Instaforum sponsored post: 366 naira

Total ROI: 17,000 naira

Referral bonus: 2,000 naira

Pro Max Package

Subscription fee:20,000 naira

Daily earnings for login on Instaforum: 400 naira

Daily earnings for sharing sponsored post:666 naira

Total ROI:32,000 naira

Referral bonus: 3,000 naira

Diamond Package

Subscription fee:50,000 naira

Daily earnings for login on Instaforum: 500 naira

Daily earnings for sharing Instaforum sponsored post:2000 naira

Total ROI:75,000 naira

Referral bonus: 5,000 naira

Chairman Package

Subscription fee:180,000 naira

Daily earnings for login on Instaforum: 3,000 naira

Daily earnings for sharing Instaforum sponsored post: 5,000 naira

Total ROI:240,000 naira

Referral bonus: 7,000 naira

All packages on Instaforum runs for only 30 days

Instaforum Registration

Before deciding to join Instaforum, note that you must have a Facebook account where you share all the sponsored posts.Once you have that, you can proceed to get yourself registered on Instaforum. Registration and activation of accounts on Instaforum is don't by the use of coupon code.That means that before you can register on Instaforum and start earning,you must get a coupon code which is equivalent to the amount you want to get started with from any of the verified vendors on Instaforum website.

Click here to access Instaforum verified vendors 

You can then proceed to register your self on Instaforum after you must have gotten the coupon code to start earning. Below are some of the requirements to have before proceeding to register on Instaforum.

  • Coupon code
  • Full name and desired username
  • Phone number
  • Desired password
  • Email address

As soon as your registration oa completed, login and update your bank details and also submit your Facebook account link.Also ensure to join Instaforum Official Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Does Instaforum Pays Without Referrals?
According to the platform,referral is strictly optional for cash out. So I will also say yes,they pay without referral.But I always emphasize that when joining any income program,focus on referring because you stand a chance to earn bigger and faster.

Instaforum Withdrawal

Once your subscription expires,you will be able to use the "withdraw" button on the website ams withdraw all you have earned through your 30 days of active subscription to your local bank account and if you wish to continue earning, you can resubscribe to any package.
 Activity earnings can be withdrawn once you have reached the minimum threshold of 5,000 naira.
Referral earnings are also withdrawable once you have reach the minimum threshold of 5,000 naira.
All withdraws are processed  and sent to your bank account within 24-72 hours of request.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instaforum

When was Instaforum launched?
Instaforum was launcher on the 23rd January 2021

What is a coupon code on Instaforum?
An Instaforum coupon code is a method for fast approval on the website. This oa the combination of a few alphabet and numbers.

How many referrals do I need to be able to cash out my activity earnings on Instaforum?
You don't need Amy referral to cash out your activity earnings on Instaforum. Referral is strictly optional.

Who is the owner/founder of Instaforum?
The founder of Instaforum is Hippo Business Center Enterprise with no traceable official social media page  BT has a company registration number BN2671904.

Should I join Instaforum?
I can really say this because everything you do comes with a risk.And who knows,the Instaforum of today might not be the Instaforum of tomorrow.

Disclaimer: We are not paid to write this review nor are we in any way associated to Instaforum.We are also not here to promote or tarnish the image of Instaforum. This review is based on the writers' opinion after making some research. You are therefore at liberty to accept or reject this review. Any actions taken is solemnly at your own risk.

How is revenue generated on Instaforum?
Instaforum owners claims to generate their revenue from publishing of books offline,Google AdSense and Backup Investments.

If I have any problem, how can I contact Instaforum?
You can contact Instaforum through the following channels:

Phone number:+234(0)8072144336

Instaforum:Legit Or Scam?

No platform can be given a guaranteed of trust,but there is always a chance to make money when these platforms are still paying. As of the time of writing this article, Instaforum is still paying but it remains to see whether they platform can last much longer.

Conclusion:Instaforum Review

There has been nothing yet to suggest that Instaforum is scam.But there is no guaranteed of Instaforum been legit but it is a chance you can utilize on to make money as the platform is still paying.Don't forget to subscribe to our blog to get updated once Instaforum stops payment.

I hope this review has everything you need to know about Instaforum.Don't forget to share with your friends and drop any question you have under the comment section.

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