Stalwart Earners Review:Scam Or Legit?Read how it works

 With the amount of income platforms that are popping out each day,one can get confused as to which one to join and also which is legit and paying.That's why it's always advice able to read read reviews before joining any income program.

Welcome to my Stalwart Earners review. Today,we are going to find out if Stalwart Earners is legit or scam.

About Stalwart Earners

Stalwart Earners which is similar to other popular investment programs like Racksterli,Primevault  is an advertisement platform that enables users take the advantage of the internet into earning a sustainable income.

Stalwart Earners allows you to earn money by sharing adverts to Facebook everyday. Stalwart Earners also claims to launch so as to help eradicate poverty in Nigeria and enable financial stability.

How Stalwart Earners Works

Stalwart Earners is a platform which claims to pay you for carrying out daily tasks such as sharing of sponsored post to your social media account.

How To Make Money On Stalwart Earners

Just like every other income program,Stalwart earners has two methods of earning on the platform. On Stalwart Earners, the method of earning include the non referral earnings and the referral earnings. On the non referral earnings, you are paid for sharing sponsored post in form of advert to your Facebook timeline. While on the referral earnings, you earn when you introduce some on to the platform using your referral link.

Subscription Packages On Stalwart Earners

Before you become a registered member on Stalwart Earners, you have to select a package you wish to register or sign up with.

There are eight major packages on Stalwart Earners namely;

Standard package

Subscription fee:5,000naira

ROI(Return On Investment): 8,750naira

Referral bonus:250naira

Platinum package

Subscription fee:10,000naira


Referral bonus: 500naira

Gold Package

Subscription fee:20,000naira


Referral bonus:1000naira

Diamond package

Subscription fee: 30,000naira


Referral bonus: 1,500naira

Ruby Package

Subscription fee:50,000naira


Referral bonus: 2,500naira

Eminent Package

Subscription fee:100,000naira


Referral bonus: 5,000naira

Magnificent Package

Subscription fee:500,000naira

ROI: 875,000naira

Referral bonus: 25,000naira

Kings Package

Subscription fee:1,000,000naira

ROI: 1,750,000naira

Referral bonus:100,000naira

Daily earnings on Stalwart Earners are determined by the plan you subscribe to.

All the packages on Stalwart Earners runs for 20days and you can proceed to withdraw your earnings.

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Stalwart Earners Registration

Before you decide to join Stalwart earners,you must have a Facebook account of at least 2 months old and has at least 100friends.Also note that fake accounts are not allowed PR else you get banned.

You can then proceed to the site site to buy coupon code equivalent to the amount you want to invest from vendors which will be use during registration.

Access Stalwart Earners Verified Coupon Vendors Here


Only buy activation code or coupon code from verified vendors on the site so as to stay clear of scammers.

You can then proceed to to get yourself registered on the platform. You should also take note that multiple accounts is not allowed.

Register On Stalwart Earners Now

Does Stalwart Earners Pays Without Referrals?

According to the platform, they claim to pay without referrals so I would also say yes.But I always emphasize that when joining any income program,focus more on referring as you stand  a chance to earn bigger and faster.And if any bonus is available for the referral gurus,you might be pme  among to claim the gift.

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Stalwart Earners Withdrawal

All activity earnings are withdrawable after 20 days and are  sent directly to your bank.Referral earnings withdrawal on Stalwart Earners is daily.

You must also note that your registration name must tally with your bank account name to be to get your earnings when you place withdrawal.

All withdrawal on stalwart earners are processed within 24-72hours.

Frequently Asked Questions on Stalwart Earners

When was Stalwart earners launched?

Stalwart earners was launched on the 20th January 2021

Who is the owner/CEO of Stalwart Earners?

The owner of stalwart earners is Akintide Oluwatoyosi Ifeoluwa,a Crypto Trader.

Can I withdraw without referrals?

According to the Platform, you can withdraw without referrals.

How is revenue generated on stalwart earners?

Revenue is generated on stalwart earners by adverts, forex trading and Google AdSense.

Does Stalwart Earners have an active customer care?

The answer  is yes. You can contact them via this channels;



@Stalwart Company

Stalwart Earners Review: Scam  Or Legit?

Stalwart Earners is a fairly new platform that pays you when you perform activities on their website. As of the time of this review, there has been  no complaints anywhere about Stalwart earners being scam.But I can't really say whether the platform is legit or not.Only time will tell,how the platform will develop.The thing about platforms like this is that they are not built to last.When they gain popularity and lots of people registered, they find it hard to pay everyone.

Conclusion: Stalwart Earners Review

Joining income program as early as they launch is an advantage.Everything you do comes with a risk and you can choose not to join Stalwart earners.

I hope this review has everything you need to know about Stalwart earners. If you have any question, you can drop it in the comment section and don't forget to subscribe to our blog and share this article

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