Top 4 Investment Platforms That Crashed In 2021

 The year 2021 has been on of the most successful and one of the most disastrous year for online investors.Lots of investment platforms were launched.Investment platforms such as Paypremial,Instaforum,Dessii Media Investment and many others.Some of these investment platforms delivered while some were unable to deliver.2021 has been a successful year for investors because a lot of investment platform delivered and 2021 has also been a disastrous year because a lot of investment platforms,after getting flooded with investors because of their credibility,these platforms could not hold on any longer and were shut down due to the numerous payment backlog yet to be cleared.At the end of it all, Investors lost more than their gains.

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Today,we are going to talk about popular investment platforms that shut down leaving their investors in pain.

Racksterli Investment Platform

Racksterli Investment Platform was one of the most popular investment platform that emerged as the best income program in 2021.

Racksterliwas officially launched in July 2020 and run until March 2021 when they eventually crashed.

About Racksterli

Racksterli was launched in July 2020 by an Instagram influencer popularly known as Michael Oti Chidiebere (Blackgold).The platform paid people for engaging on their website by sharing sponsored post to their Facebook timeline and recommending the platform to others.Racksterli as of 2020 was playing their members accordingly after the number of stipulated days.Racksterli was the most credible platform you could recommend anyone to until 2021 when it was reported that Racksterli had a malicious attack on their website and billions of naira were lost to fraudsters.From then, Racksterli had to hold on payments and rebrand to a new site.But that did not stop the Investment platform for launching heavyweight packages of 5 million,10 million and 20 million.The new Racksterli site was also under threat from another malicious attack as the platform got more and more troubles.Racksterli was no longer paying amid the attack.

After much deliberation from the backroom staffs they concluded that Racksterli has to be shut down and claim that they will refund every investor the capital in which they invested.Some investors were paid and some were not. The popular racksterli was shut down to the utmost surprise of their investors.

Primevault Investment Platform

Another popular investment platform to crash in 2021. 

Primevault was one of the popular investment platform among advertisers and investors. The platform will do an exchange of advert where they (primevault) would collect a particular fee from advertisers to help them promote their products and then take turn to pay it members to make sure that the product is promoted.

About Primevault

Primevault was launched in 2020 by Mr toafeek who happens to reside in benue state. The platform would pay its members to promote certain products on their social media accounts.Primevault was paying until reports from the backroom staffs came that payment were been reversed back by banks because of no network.the platform decided to have their own payment gateway so as to help members receive payment so fast and easy.Primevault how to make it members to give them 30 days to set up their own payment gateway and in those days all activity earnings will be forfeit and only referral earnings were being paid. That wasn't a problem to investors as they patiently wait for the 30 days to be over.After the 30 days were over, everyone was excited to receive your payment until a sad news was broadcast to all primevault members on the primevault official announcement page that primevault has to be shut down. The CEO promise to refund all investors and relaunched the sites. But in the end, nobody was paid and primevault was officially shut down.

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Stalwart Earners Investment Platform

Stalwart! Stalwart!! Stalwart!!!

Overhyping no good ooo.Na overhyping kill stalwart Earners.

About Stalwart Earners

Stalwart Earners was launched in 2021 by Akintide Oluwatoyosi Ifeoluwa.The platform promised to pay its members for sharing sponsored post  to their Facebook timeline daily.The overhyped platform gain popularity after just three weeks and had about 15000 members within that time frame. Reports came in March 2021 that stalwart earners has stop payment which was later confirmed by the disappearing of the CEO.All stalwart earners members,take heart ehnn, investment platform is a 50|50 game.Its either you win or you lose.It was overhyping that killed your platform.

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Elancie Investment Platform

One of the best of its kind, elancie was an investment platform that pays their members for sharing sponsored posts to their Facebook timeline.

Their payment gateway was in cryptocurrency and cash.Elancie had to take a break when the Nigerian government announced that at all crypto deposits has been banned. The platform promise to come back stronger and healthy when the ban is uplifted. Not see any hope of lifting the ban, Elancie reopen their portal and continued investment without paying anyone.The rest become history as Elancie only came back to pack more money and leave their investors in pain.

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With or without registering their platforms with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC),no investment platform is guaranteed to last forever.Some of these investment platforms registered their business with Corporate Affairs Commission but yet they still crashed.Always invest what you can afford to lose. I hope this article has everything you need to know about crashed investment platform to avoid being scammed.

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