LTC TURB Review:Scam Or Legit?Read How It Works

Everyday has become a launch date for different platforms in Nigeria.This platforms are launch to help eradicate poverty but in most cases,this platform turns out to be scam.You might have come across a lot of investment platforms which promise to pay you a particular ROI,but after sometime,they fold  and run away with your money but that doesn't stop new ones from launching.An investment platform called LTC TURB has been making headlines lately with eye catching offers ,but have you ever care to checked out how it works?This article will provide valuable information as regard to how LTC TURB works and if its legit or not.

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The quest to make money online is fast arising everyday and despite some of this online schemes turning out to be a scam, it doesn't stop people from looking for legit paying sites where they can earn.


We are not paid to write this review nor are we in any way associated to LTC TURB. You are also not here to promote or tarnish the image of LTC TURB.this review is based on the writer's opinion and view. You are therefore at liberty to accept or reject these review. Any action taken is solemnly at your own risk.


LTC TURB is a wealth generating system that provides its clients with access to networking and Investment with 25% ROI (Return on Investment). Apartment From investing on the platform, LTC TURB also offer limitless number of opportunities you can leverage on and make cool money online.

Some of the incredible opportunities LTC TURB on their website include:

  • Buying and selling of cryptocurrency through peer-to-peer (P2P).
you don't have to be afraid of being scammed as you will be dealing directly with the site owners. I have personally confirm this.

  • Convert airtime to Fiat (Cash)
With LTC TURB, you can simply convert your airtime to cash and cash back to airtime.

  • LTC TURB Trading Academy
One of the most exciting features on LTC TURB.As a member of LTC TURB,you have the chance to learn crypto and forex trading from one of the experts who has been into trading for so long. It is not free though as every stage comes with a fee,depending on your level in the world of trading. Below are the courses outline for each level and the fees involved.

  • For beginners

  • For Intermediate

  • For professionals

You can find the category you fall in contact the LTC TURB management for more information

How LTC TURB Works

LTC TURB it's an investment Platform that works simply by leveraging on blockchain technology to give members a high ROI(Return on Investment) after 25 days.

How To Make Money On LTC TURB

Unlike other investment platforms where you earn by referral and non-referrals earnings,LTC TURB ways of earnings are quite different but similar.On LTC TURB, we have two major ways of earning which are the matrix plan and the flex plan. And the matrix plan, which can simply be referred to as referral plan,you earn by system of networking where you refer and get paid while on the flex plan which can also be referred to as the non referral plan, you earn just by investing with LTC TURB and logging in daily.You can choose to introduce your like-minded friends friends to the platform and earn N500 as referral bonus(not necessary).

Available Packages On LTC TURB

Before you become a member of LTC TURB, you must select a package to get started with. There are three major flex plan (investment) package on LTC TURB.

Silver plan
Subscription fee:15,000 naira
Daily Earnings:750 naira
ROI (Return on Investment):18,750

Bronze Plan
Subscription fee:30,000 naira
Daily Earnings:1,500 naira
ROI(Return on Investment):37,500

Gold plan
Subscription fee:60,000 naira
Daily Earnings:3,000 naira
ROI(Return on Investment):75,000 naira

All packages on LTC TURB last for just 25 days.

LTC TURB Registration

After you have chosen your desire package to  get started with, you can then proceed to register on LTC TURB official website

Just like the coupon code,there is an account on the website where you will choose you desired package and pay the money into and wait for some time(5-10 minutes) for your payment to be confirmed.

If you have paid and your payment has not been confirmed,you can simply contact the support on the website or click here to contact the support team.

As soon as your registration is complete,you can proceed to update your details on the website.

Does LTC TURB Pays Without Referrals?

It's not a necessity to make any Referral, LTC TURB do not recircle monies,LTC TURB professional Traders use the funds available and give returns to members.
However for extra gains, user gets rewarded with $1 for each person refered.

Exchange rate used by LTC TURB FLEX is N500/$

And like I said before, LTC TURB has two ways of earning. You you can join the matrix plan where you must refer before you get paid and you can also join the flex plan.Here you don't have to refer before you are been paid.The flex plan require zero referrals.

LTC TURB Withdrawal

Once your subscription expire,you can be able to use the withdrawal button on the website to withdraw all you have earn through your 25 days of active subscription directly to your bank accounts and if you wish to continue earning with LTC TURB,you can resubscribe.

All earnings are processed and set your bank account within 24-72 hours of request.

Frequently asked questions about LTC TURB

When was LTC TURB launched?

LTC TURB started back in 2020 as a networking project on telegram.A very smooth matrix system which requires you to refer 2 people upon your registration on the telegram bot.After much deliberation from LTC TURB backroom staffs, they decided to make things easy for their members by launching a website.LTC TURB officially launched their website on the 1st of March 2021.The Networking stopped on the Telegram bot, and construction of that(Networking)feature is ongoing on the website.

The flex plan was Launched to make everyone have returns on Investment.
The ROI was initially 40% but for better Sustainability and maintenance, it was further reduced to 25%. Maturity date still remains 25 days until further adjustment will be made.

LTC TURB(Brand) has been on for 8months now while the LTC TURB Flex(Investment) plan has been on for 3months now.

Who is the founder of LTC TURB?

The CEO of LTC TURB is Ejii Samuel

If I have any problem,how can I contact LTC TURB?
It's very simple and easy. LTC TURB has a very active customer care service on the website that is always ready to be of assistant to you.
Or you can contact LTC support via their WhatsApp number

LTC TURB Support:+2349033810370

LTC TURB Review: Legit Or Scam?

No platform can be given a guarantee of trust, but there's always a chance to make money while the platform is still paying.As of the time of writing this review, LTC TURB is legit and paying without referrals.


LTC TURB Trading Academy is set to begin their presentation this week and Pre-registration is already going on. I'm sure you don't want to miss it.

LTC TURB are also set to offer Scholarship to some participants.
10% of their Registration fee(the chosen participants will be sent to their trading wallet to begin their journey immediately after the training.

Join the LTC TURB Trading Academy Presentation group here

Conclusion: LTC TURB Review

There has been nothing yet to suggest that LTC TURB is scam nor have we noticed any complaints. LTC TURB is one of the many online money making schemes you can leverage on to make more money why it is still paying. We shall follow the platform closely and update this post if any complaint has been found.

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I hope this review has everything you need to know about LTC TURB. Don't forget to share to your friends.

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