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 Melabtips was created on the 12th January 2021

My passion for blogging started back in my early 20s when I began going deep into the online world.

I came across a guy who likes to do everything that yields money online and came to discover that we were likeminded.

I follow him up closely to learn perfectly well from him and he decided to tell me about blogging.

I was completely a newbie and had to do more research until the call for blogging finally came when I saw a friend of mine making a living through blogging.

So I finally made up my mind to create a blog and share my ideas about online marketing and sales and the rest became history.

I believe in doing business and having control over my earnings.I'm learning everyday to live and to be self-reliant and be unashamedly me.

If you are new to this blog, be sure to to check out other articles here.

You will be inspired and motivated, encouraged and entertained and will also be informed.

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